FORTRAN Computer Programs (Source Codes)

We provide here Fortran source codes for Biologically Inspired Global Optimization methods such as the Repulsive Particle Swarm (RPS), Host-Parasite or Cuckoo-Host Coevolution (HPC/CHC) metaheuristics, the Genetic Algorithms (GAs) and the Differential Evolution (DE).

We also provide programs for econometric analysis such as Non-linear Least Squares, Robust Regression, Robust Two-Stage Least Squares, Ordinal Canonical Correlation, Ordinal Principal Component Analysis, Hybridization of canonical correlation and principal component analysis, fitting origin-displaced logarithmic spiral to data, solving the nearest correlation matrix problem, completing the correlation matrix, construction of composite indices by linear aggregation, etc. some of which are based on global optimization. Some Fortran Source Code Libraries on the Web have also been linked.
These programs (source codes) may be compiled by a suitable FORTRAN compiler (e.g. Microsoft Fortran Compiler or Force Compiler or FORCE Fortran 77 compiler; note that FORCE Compilers are free downloadable), which, after compilation will yield executable programs to be run for solving the problems. Some programs may use higher versions of Fortran (e.g Fortran 95). Compilers (e.g. Silverfrost FTN95) for those versions are also free downloadable.

"The Mecca of the economist lies in economic biology rather than in economic dynamics. But biological conceptions are more complex than those of mechanics." Alfred Marshall, Principles of Economics (Preface 8 Ed), Macmillan,1920.
I (a). Optimization methods:

I (b). Application of Differential Evolution based Least Cost method to obtain Generalized Interatomic Pair-Potential Function (GIPPF):
  • Xie, J.C., Mishra, S.K., Kar, T. & Xie, R.H. (2014). "Generalized Interatomic Pair-Potential Function", Chemical Physics Letters. 605-606 (June 17, 2014): 137-146. has been fitted (by minimization of cost - hybrid least squared plus least absolute deviation cost function) for the following cases (that serve as examples) :

    1. CASE 1: H2 (Strongly covalent bonding) - Code : PairPotCodeH2.for; Input: potInPutH2.dat; Output: (i) potOutputH2.dat and (ii) vibOutputH2.dat

    2. CASE 2: Ar2 (Weakly bonding) - Code : PairPotCodeAr2.for; Input: potInPutAr2.dat; Output: (i) potOutputAr2.dat and (ii) vibOutputAr2.dat

    These Codes (Fortran) for H2 and Ar2, input files (potInPutH2.dat and potInPutAr2.dat) and output files (potOutputH2.dat, vibOutputH2.dat; potOutputAr2.dat, vibOutputAr2.dat) may be downloaded from here (download Code, Input data and output for H2 and Ar2).

II. Econometrics/Statistics:


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