List of BOS Members (08.09.2017-07.09.2020)

Sl. No.NameDesignationAddress
1Head of the DepartmentConvener & Ex-Officio-ChairpersonDepartment of Economics, NEHU
2All Professors of the DepartmentMember-do-
3Dr. P.S. SureshMember-do-
4Dr. D.W. ThankhiewMember-do-
5Dr. Veronica PalaMember-do-
6Dr. K.C. KabraMemberDepartment of Commerce, NEHU
7Dr. S. RavikumarMemberDepartment of Lib. & Inf. SCience, NEHU
8Dr. Bimal DebnathMemberDepartment of Management, Tura Campus, NEHU
9Mr. Barath N.MemberDepartment of Journalism & Mass Communication
10Dr. S.K. KulasshresthaMemberDepartment of Tourism & Hotel Management
11Mr. Sasikumar R.MemberDepartment of Agribusiness Management & Food Technology, Tura Campus, NEHU
12Dr. S. DuttaMemberDepartment of Mathematics, NEHU
13Prof. Y.N. TiwariMemberDepartment of Physics, NEHU
14Prof. Manoranjan PalMemberEconomic Research Unit, ISI, Kolkata
15Prof. Dev Kumar ChakrabortyMemberDepartment of Economics, Dibrugarh University
16Prof. Yashvir TyagiMemberLucknow University
17Dr. Madhuchhanda Das GuptaMemberShillong Women's College
18Dr. Kishorr S. RajputMemberSt. Anthony's College
19Mr. Sidhartha RoyMemberDon Bosco College
20Mr. A.K. Choudhary.K. DeMemberSohra Gov. College
21Ms. Chyneeryhen Dimie TongperMemberThomas Jones Synod College



Journal of Alternative Economic Analysis

The Journal focuses on the research contributions to various upcoming approaches to analysis of the functioning of real-world economies in different countries. It welcomes original research articles/papers on agent-based computational, evolutionary, old (new) institutional, behavioral, ecological and environmental economics.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Department

The Department publishes a quarterly bulletin to publicize the research output of high quality emanating from the research work/activities of its faculty members and research scholars.
Current Research Work in the Department

A number of research topics, especially on the economy of the upland areas, are currently being investigated in the Department.
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