Consultancy Work by the Department/Faculty Members

The faculty members of the Department have extended their consultancy and research support services to various governmental and semi-governmental organisations, especially working for the development of the North-eastern Region. The Region thrives on the service sector, ultimately drawing its inspiration and financial resources from the administrative and developmental expenditure of the central government for supporting those services. The contribution of the primary sector is much smaller, and that of the manufacturing sector too meagre. There are not many industries and, if there are any, they use the well-tested technologies rather than conducting research and development to invent and use new technologies. The same is true of their need to conduct or sponsor the market research activities to consult/involve economists for the purpose of investigation or policy formulation. Thus there is a modest base to extend consultancy services to the manufacturing or industrial sector.

The consultancy services extended by the faculty members are listed below:

Dr. V. Pala [Consultancy/research support extended to various organizations]

  • Co-ordinated the preparation of the Meghalaya Human Development Report, 2008, Planning Department, Government of Meghalaya, Shillong; a report prepared in collaboration with the Planning Commission, Government of India and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), released in October, 2009.

Dr. S. Umdor [Consultancy/research support extended to various organizations]

  • Practical Action Group (Nepal) for Feasibility Study for Gravity Rope Way Project in Meghalaya.
  • North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd, (NEDFI), for Baseline Survey for cluster development and future intervention at Mawlynnong area, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.
  • State Resource Centre, NEHU, for Evaluation of Cooked Mid Day Meals Programme in Meghalaya, Government of Meghalaya.
  • Indian Institute of Banking Management (IIBM), Khanapara, Guwahati for Project on Microfinance.



Journal of Alternative Economic Analysis

The Journal focuses on the research contributions to various upcoming approaches to analysis of the functioning of real-world economies in different countries. It welcomes original research articles/papers on agent-based computational, evolutionary, old (new) institutional, behavioral, ecological and environmental economics.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Department

The Department publishes a quarterly bulletin to publicize the research output of high quality emanating from the research work/activities of its faculty members and research scholars.
Current Research Work in the Department

A number of research topics, especially on the economy of the upland areas, are currently being investigated in the Department.
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