Faculty Members

Dr. UK De Classrooms Cluster Classrooms Cluster Classrooms Cluster Dr. B Mishra
UK De Classrooms Cluster Classrooms Cluster Classrooms Cluster B Mishra
Dr. P Nayak Dr. D Nongkynrih Dept Building Dr. V Pala Dr. B Panda
P Nayak D Nongkynrih Dept Building V Pala B Panda
Dr. PS Suresh Dr. W Tariang Dept Building Dr. DW Thangkhiew Dr. S Umdor
PS Suresh W Tariang Dept. Building DW Thangkhiew S Umdor

Past Faculty Members

  • Dr. N. Srivastav (Superannuated)
  • Dr. E.D. Thomas (Superannuated)
  • Dr. Daisy Das (Left to join Cotton University)
  • Dr. S.K. Mishra (Superannuated)
  • Dr. B.K. Dutta (Took VRS)
  • Dr. A.C. Dubey (Left to join Jawaharlal Nehru University)
  • Dr. Oris J Kharpuri (Passed away)
  • Dr. Gurudas Das (Left to join National Institute of Technology Silchar)
  • Dr. M. Lalwani (Took VRS)
  • Dr. P.K. Kuri (Left to join Burdwan University)
  • Dr. K. Bez (Superannuated)
  • Dr. S.N. Guhathakurta (Superannuated)
  • Dr. M.P. Bezbaruah (Returned back to Gauhati University)
  • Dr. T. Lawma (Left to join Mizoram University)
  • Dr. Shri Prakash (Left to join National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration)
  • Dr. T. Mathew (Superannuated)
  • Dr. A. Bannerjee (Left to join Indian Institute of Management Lucknow)
  • Dr. M.K. Sukumaran Nair (Left to join Cochin University of Science and Technology)



Journal of Alternative Economic Analysis

The Journal focuses on the research contributions to various upcoming approaches to analysis of the functioning of real-world economies in different countries. It welcomes original research articles/papers on agent-based computational, evolutionary, old (new) institutional, behavioral, ecological and environmental economics.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Department

The Department publishes a quarterly bulletin to publicize the research output of high quality emanating from the research work/activities of its faculty members and research scholars.
Current Research Work in the Department

A number of research topics, especially on the economy of the upland areas, are currently being investigated in the Department.
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