List of MPhil Dissertations

The following MPhil Dissertations of which some are downloadable have been submitted in the Department.

Year of Award
Name of the Scholar Title of MPhil Thesis Supervisor (s) Sl. No.
2009 T. Deka India's Look East Policy & the North East- Problems and Prospects of Regional Integration B Panda 69
2009 S. Bhuiyan Microfinance and Self Help Groups: A Case Study of Assam B Panda 68
2008 Bidisha Mahanta Woman Empowerment in Assam: A Human Development Approach (Zip file: 0.61 MB) P Nayak 67
1999 Phain Singh Nianglang An Econometric Analysis of Agricultural Production Function in the Agrarian Economy of Meghalaya- A Case Study of Five Villages SK Mishra 66
1998 Simanta Poddar Population Structure of Assam from 1971 to 1991 PM Passah 65
1998 Juthika Barman Instability in Agriculture in Assam- An Inter-District Temporal Analysis of Foodgrain Crops M Lalwani 64
1996 Abdus S Choudhury Problems and Prospects of Rural Energy- A Case Study of Banskandi Development Block in the Cachar District of Assam Khageswar Bez 63
1996 Hemlata Kakoti Employment Potential in Cottage Industries (Transitional) with Special Reference to Dhubri Sub-Division Khageswar Bez 62
1996 Sailendra K Deka Impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Production- A Case Study of Sonitpur District MP Bezbaruah 61
1996 Kalpana Devi Problems and Prospects of Paper Industry of Assam- The Case Study of Nagaon Paper Mill Khageswar Bez 60
1995 Zothangliana Urban Land Use in Mizoram- A Study with Reference to Aizawl T Lawma 59
1995 Abdus Shahid Study of the Trend, Composition and Determinants of Savings in India (1950-51 to 1991-92) AC Dubey 58
1995 Evakorlang Kharkongor Attempting a Rationale for a Rethinking of Development in terms of Environmental Economics PM Passah 57
1995 Joydeep Goswami Estimation of Buoyancy and Elasticity of Major State Taxes with Special Reference to Assam AC Dubey 56
1995 Ashutosh Dey Inequalities in Consumption Expenditure in Rural NE States T Lawma 55
1995 Mitali Dasgupta Performance of Power Sector in Meghalaya- An Analytical Study N Srivastav 54
1995 Laxmi K Singh Performance of Generalised Indirect Least Squares in Over-Identified Equation Estimation- A Monte Carlo Experiment SK Mishra 53
1994 SK Kar An Economic Study of the Variation in Agricultural Productivity in Orissa's Food Sector (1970-71 to 1988-89) M Lalwani 52
1994 T Syama Sundar Gandhian Economic Ideals and Planned Economic Development of India- A Focus on Some Specific Aspects SK Mishra 51
1994 Mukti Dolloi Cement Industry in Meghalaya- Problems and Prospects PM Passah 50
1994 Neelakshi Medhi A Study on the Minimum Absolute Deviation Regression Estimator SK Mishra 49
1994 Madhuchhanda DasGupta Degree of Over-identification and its Effects on the Performance of Estimators SK Mishra 48
1993 Chandrima Sen Savings Behaviour of Indian Household Sector SN Guhathakurta 47
1993 Ajay K Choudhury Problems and Prospects of Energy Utilisation- A Case Study of Sohra Sub-Division (Cherrapunjee) in the District of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya Khageswar Bez 46
1993 Sumitra Patir Role of Non-Conventional Energy and Possibility of Substitution with Special Reference to Dhemaji District of Assam Khageswar Bez 45
1992 B Dutta Tea Industry as Major Source of Employment in Assam- A Case Study of Karbi Anglong District PM Passah 44
1992 B Baruah Decentralised Planning in Assam- A Study of Sub-Divisional Planning in Sibsagar District SN Guhathakurta 43
1992 K Laldailova Pattern of Land Ownership in Mizoram- A Case Study of Aizawl District T Lawma 42
1992 John Sona Tourism Industry in Assam- A Case Study of Sibsagar District SK Mishra 41
1992 Rajib Dutta Majumder Marketing of Tea in Assam with Special Reference to Guwahati Tea Auction Centre SK Mishra 40
1991 RK Phookan An Evaluation of the Poverty Alleviation Programmes to the Rural Poor in Assam - A Case Study of Sibsagar District Khageswar Bez 39
1991 Tripti Mallika Baruah An Exploration in the Role of Faith as Contributory to Economic Prosperity Khageswar Bez 38
1991 Prokash Sarmah Financial Management of the Small Tea Growers in Assam- A Case Study of Undivided Sibsagar District Khageswar Bez 37
1991 Pratap Nag Problems and Prospects of Agro-based Industries- A Case Study of Barpeta District of Assam T Lawma 36
1991 Gorkey Borgohain Socio-Economic Life of the Scheduled Tribes of Assam- A Case Study of three Scheduled Tribes Villages in Hojai Sub-Division PM Passah 35
1991 Nabajyoti Sarmah Socio-Economic Condition of LP School Teachers of Assam- A Case Study of Sibsagar Town PM Passah 34
1991 JK Sahu An Evaluation of Family Planning Programme A Case Study of Balasore District, Orissa SK Mishra 33
1991 Magdalene Badwar Different Forms of Economic Systems in the World and Tribal Economy of North-East India PM Passah 32
1991 Prabhakar Singha An Approach to Planning for Development in Mayurbhanj District, Orissa SK Mishra 31
1991 Elibon Tariang Role of Commercial Banks in Regional Development- A Case Study of the Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya PM Passah 30
1991 Debojani Naug A Study on Institutional Determinants of Production Function SK Mishra 29
1991 Josephine C Blah Power Potentials and its Development in India Khageswar Bez 28
1991 R Laluntluanga Demand and Supply of Technical Manpower - A Study with Special Reference to Doctors and Engineers in Mizoram T Lawma 27
1991 Sanchita Dutta Employment Growth in Meghalaya since 1976 Khageswar Bez 26
1991 Purushottam Bhandari The Contribution of Contemporary Economists - 1950-88 PM Passah 25
1991 G Sara Lyndem Performance of Public Sector Undertakings in Meghalaya- A Case Study with Reference to Mawluh Cherra Cement Limited SN Guhathakurta 24
1990 Soma Sen Problems and Prospects of Rural Transportation in Meghalaya Khageswar Bez 23
1990 Rupam K Brahma Demand of Domestic Fuel Consumption in Assam- A Case Study of Kokrajhar District Khageswar Bez 22
1989 Ruma Paul A Study on Efficacy of Public Utilities and Services in Shillong SK Mishra 21
1989 Kankana Bhattacharjee A Study on the Methods of Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Public Policies SK Mishra 20
1988 Y Satya Institutional Finance to the Industries of Meghalaya State T Mathew 19
1988 Niewkor Syngkon Financing of Agricultural Operations- A Case Study of two Villages of East Khasi Hills District T Mathew 18
1988 Lhingkhokim Kipgen The Economics of Private Schooling Industry- A Study of Shillong SK Mishra 17
1988 Tarujyoti Buragohain Agricultural Development- A Study of Inter-Crop and Inter-Regional Variations in North-East India Shri Prakash 16
1988 Mayashree Bora Economics of Jhum Cultivation- A Case Study of Output, Marketed Surplus and Employment in Meghalaya Shri Prakash 15
1988 Sumitra Choudhury Levels and Patterns of the Forest-based Industries and their Impact upon Ecological Balance in Meghalaya Shri Prakash 14
1988 L Talukdar Raw Jute Marketing in Assam- A Case Study of Barpeta District Khageswar Bez 13
1988 Premanada Howbora A Study of Agricultural Co-Operative Credit Societies in North Lakhimpur Sub-Division T Mathew 12
1987 Banti Gogoi Howbora A Comparative Study of Tribal and Nontribal Agricultural Practices and its Effects on Agricultural Development SK Mishra 11
1987 Mrinal K Mitra The Nature and Significance of Rural Indebtedness- A Study with Special Reference to Scheduled Tribes of Assam SK Mishra 10
1987 DK Majumdar Evaluation of Public Expenditure on Health Facilities in Assam SK Mishra 09
1987 AK Medhi Problems of Urban Passenger Transportation- A Case Study of Subdivisional Town of Vishwanath Charali Khageswar Bez 08
1986 Abdur Razzaque Demand of Domestic Fuel Consumption- A Case Study of Rangia Town Khageswar Bez 07
1986 Premananda Bora Impact of Mechanisation on Tea Industry Employment- A Case Study of two Tea Gardens of Sonitpur District of Assam T Mathew 06
1986 Dulal Roy Economic Development, Consumption Patterns and their Impact upon Ecological Balance with Special Reference to Forest-based Indusries- A Case Study of Shillong City Shri Prakash 05
1986 Biswambhar Mishra Agricultural Taxation in Orissa (1970-1980) T Mathew 04
1985 Ranjana Barua Determinants of Agricultural Output Khageswar Bez 03
1982 Sankar Kumar Ghosh Capital and Labour Coefficients in Small Scale Industries of Meghalaya- A Case Study of Inter-Firm Inter-Industry and Inter-Regional Variations Khageswar Bez 02
1981 Alpana Nag Some Aspects of Employment and Unemployment- A Study in Cachar District of Assam Khageswar Bez 01



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