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List of PhD Dissertations

The following Doctoral Dissertations of which some are downloadable have been submitted in the Department.

Year of awardName of the ScholarTitle of PhD ThesisSupervisor(s)Sl. No.
2019Dahun Shisha DkharPublic Expenditure and Private Investment in Agriculture: A Case Study of Production and Productivity in Meghalaya (Zip File: *** MB)B. Mishra79
2019Pyallie D SangmaFemale Workforce in Agriculture in India: Trends and Dterminants (Zip File: *** MB)V. Pala78
2019Lasara M LyngdohRural Health Care Infrastructure and the Determinants of Access to Health Care in North-East India (Zip File: *** MB)D. Nongkynrih77
2019K Kamaljit SinghSubsistence Farming and the Role of Women in Uplands: A Case Study of Nongtrai Area in Meghalaya (Zip File: *** MB)B. Panda &
D. Das
2019Manoj Kumar TalukdarThe Economic and Social Impact of Public Expenditure: A Case Study of Assam for the Period 1980-2014 (Zip File: 57.5 MB)P.S. Suresh75
2019Anika MW Kshiar ShadapLevels of Living in North Eastern States of India: An Analysis of the Correlates and Determinants (Zip File: 3.21 MB)V. Pala74
2019Charlene M SwerA Study of the Characteristics and Determinants of Rural Credit in Meghalaya (Zip File: *** MB)S. Umdor73
2018Joel BasumataryPublic Health Care Services in Rural Assam and Health Care Spending of Rural Households in Chirag District (Zip File: 21.2 MB)N Srivastav72
2018Alaka HuzuriAn Evaluation of Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in Assam with Special Reference to Kamrup District (Zip File: 4.29 MB)P. Nayak &
U.K. De
2018Saji GeorgeReturn Predictability and Behavioral Bias of Investors in the Indian Equity Market (Zip File: 2.43 MB)P.S. Suresh70
2018Vinyuhu LounguPublic Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nagaland (1980-2010) (Zip File: 2.66 MB)B. Mishra69
2018Samir-ul-HassanAn Analysis of Growth and Determinants of Tax Revenue and Government Expenditure in the State of Jammu & Kashmir (Zip File: 14.2 MB)B. Mishra68
2018Deepak KumarFinancial Performance of Non Banking Financial Companies in India: An Econometric Study (Zip File: 2.35 MB)P.S. Suresh67
2018Shailynti LyngdohRoad Infrastructure and Socio-economic Development of Rural Areas of Meghalaya with Special Reference to East and West Khasi Hills (Zip File: 3.32 MB)U.K. De66
2018Apsaralin NongstengInfrastructure and State Level Economic Growth in India (Zip File: 0.82 MB)B. Panda 65
2017Vitsosie VupruDeterminants of the Demand for Housing in Dimapur: A Hedonic Pricing Approach (Zip File: 4.40 MB)U.K. De64
2017Rupa Bakor KharshiingParticipation in Education in India: Trends and Determinants (Zip File: 8.41 MB) V. Pala63
2017Bashemphang R. SyiemA Study on Gender Gap, Women Empowerment and Human Development among the Below Poverty Line Households in Dibrugarh District of Assam (Zip File: **** MB)S. Umdor62
2017Trailokya DekaImpact Assessment of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme: A Case Study of Assam (Zip File: **** MB)B. Panda61
2017Bidisha MahantaA Study on Gender Gap, Women Empowerment and Human Development among the Below Poverty Line Households in Dibrugarh District of Assam (Zip File: 2.28 MB) P. Nayak 60
2017Wandinecia TariangPoverty and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Female-Headed Households: A Case Study of Rural Areas of East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya (Zip File: 3.02 MB) E.D. Thomas &
P.S. Suresh
2015Iftikhar HussainEcotourism and Community Livelihood: A Case Study of Kaziranga National Park, Assam (Zip File: 3.84 MB) D. Das58
2015Kamal BodosaCrops Diversification in Assam and the Role of Technology and Climate Condition: With Special Reference to Kokrajhar District (Zip File: 10.6 MB) U.K. De57
2015I.P. KhongjohLiberalisation and Small Scale Sector in India: An Analysis of its Growth and Performance (Zip File: 3.8 MB)B. Panda 56
2014Krishna ChauhanDegradation of Forest and its Impact on the Village Economy Around Sariska National Park (Zip File: 2.2 MB)U.K. De55
2014Kh. PouInstitutional and Attitudinal Impediments to Development of Ethnic Groups in North-East India: A Case Study on the Continuing Under- development of Poumai Naga (Zip File: 0.82 MB)S.K. Mishra54
2014D.W. ThangkhiewInvestment Behaviour in Indian Iron and Steel Industry: An Econometric Study (Zip File: 1.4 MB)P.S Suresh53
2014P. BhattacharyyaFactors Affecting Participation of People in MGNREGA: A Case Study of Morigaon District of Assam (Zip File: 1.38 MB)E.D. Thomas52
2014S. DasgutaA Study of Economic Development Strategy for Tribals in Meghalaya (Zip File: 3.8 MB)E.D Thomas51
2013Ibandalin WanswettRural Non-Farm Employment in North-East India: A Case Study of Meghalaya (Zip File: 2.79 MB)B. Panda50
2013Imlisunep ChangkeryEconomics of Urban Informal Sector in Nagaland: A Case Study of Dimapur City (Zip File: 1.22 MB)B. Panda49
2013Biswanath KhilarEconomics and Quality of School Education in Sikkim (Zip File: 2.90 MB)S.K. Mishra48
2012Moon Moon HussainGrowth Pattern and Determinants of Public Expenditure in Assam (Zip File: 1.41 MB)P.S. Suresh47
2011Joyeeta DebPost-Reform Bank Efficiency in North-East India: A Branch-Level Analysis (Zip File: 0.91 MB)P. Nayak46
2011D. NongkynrihWomen Workforce Participation in India: A Study of Trends and Determinants (Zip File: 2.47 MB)E.D. Thomas45
2010Amrita DeviValuation of Tourist Sites in Meghalaya: A Case Study of East Khasi Hills (Zip File: 1.60 MB)U.K. De44
2010K. BasumataryPolitical Economy of Bodo Movement in Assam: A Human Development Perspective (Zip File: 0.975 MB)P. Nayak43
2010Ashutosh DeyImpact of Rural Development on Eradication of Poverty: A Case Study of Meghalaya (Zip File: 1.25 MB)E.D. Thomas42
2009Santanu RayDynamic Links between Economy and Human Development: A Study of Indian States (Zip File: 1.59 MB)P. Nayak41
2009J SaikiaEconomics of Informal Milk Producing Units in Guwahati City B. Panda40
2007M. DasProblems and Prospects of Ericulture in Assam with Special Reference to Barpeta District (Zip File: 3.05 MB)U.K. De39
2006Lambodar RoutImpact of Coal Mining and Trading on the Economy of Meghalaya: A Case Study of Jaintia Hills District (Zip File: 1.09 MB)U.K. De38
2007Minakshi ChakrabortiCity Size, Labour Productivity and Incidence of Child Labour: An Econometric AnalysisA.C. Dubey &
N. Srivastav
2007Veronica PalaSocial Exclusion, Poverty and Deployment: An Analysis of Disparities Among Social Groups in India A.C. Dubey 36
2007R J SyngkonDevelopment of Small Industries in Meghalaya: A Case Study of East Khasi Hills District N. Srivastav 35
2007J GoswamiSize and Performance of the Firms: A Study of Indian Phamaceutical Industry A.C. Dubey 34
2007Sumerbin UmdorAn Assessment of the Self Help Groups Credit Programme in Meghalaya A.C. Dubey &
B. Panda
2007M. LyngkhoiPopulation, Poverty and the Degradation of Forests: A Contemporary Analysis of Meghalaya (Zip File: 1.16 MB)U.K. De32
2007T. JamirEconomics of Higher Education: Micro Analysis of Private Colleges in Nagaland (Zip File: 0.95 MB)S.K. Mishra31
2006P. DaimariA Study on the Structure of the Economy of Udalguri Subdivision, Assam (Zip File: 1.98 MB)S.K. Mishra30
2005OJ KharpuriPoverty, Inequality and Human Development in the North-Eastern Region of India A.C. Dubey29
2005C LalmuankimaLevels and Patterns of Living in Rural Mizoram - A Case Study of Lunglei District E.D. Thomas28
2005M. DasguptaLeast Absolute Deviation Estimation of Multi-Equation Linear Econometric Models - A Study based on Monte Carlo Experiments (Zip File: 2.16 MB)S.K. Mishra27
2004J.W. LyngskorPrice Bahaviour of Wage Goods and its Relationship with the Cost of Living of Unskilled Casual Workers in Shillong (Zip File: 2.06 MB)S.K. Mishra26
2004K. RioPrivate Schooling Industry: A Case Study of Kohima Town of Nagaland (Zip File: 3.74 MB)S.K. Mishra &
B. Mishra
2003E. NongbriGrowth, Pattern and Determinants of Public Expenditure in MeghalayaB. Mishra24
2003M.L. NgullieQuality of Life in Dimapur and its Periphery (Zip File: 1.26 MB)S.K. Mishra 23
2003Zumomo OvungPolitical Economy of Tax Efforts and Expenditure in Nagaland B. Mishra 22
2002BK ZamirPattern of Land Use in Nagaland with Special Reference to Conservation, Management and Development of Land Resources T. Lawma 21
2001SR ZonuntharaWorking of Public Distribution System in Mizoram T. Lawma 20
2001Niewkor SyngkonAgricultural Credit in Ri Bhoi District of Meghalaya- A Case Study of Four Villages P.M. Passah 19
2001E KharkongorBudgetary Trends of the Meghalaya Government Finances 1972-1993 to 1997-1998 P.M. Passah 18
2001Natalie WestDevelopment of Banking and Financial Institutions in Meghalaya since 1972 P.M. Passah 17
1999Bijit K DuttaA Study on Theories of Sharecropping with Evidence from Karimganj District of AssamP.M. Passah 16
1998Rupam K BrahmaDemand of Petroleum Products in Assam : A Case Study of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Dhubri Districts (Assam)K. Bez15
1997Abdur RazzaqueDemand for Electricity in Assam with Special Reference to Urban Areas K. Bez14
1997Sumitra ChowdhuryTheories of the Firm and Product Pricing of Chemical and Engineering Industries of India N. Srivastav &
Shri Prakash
1997Soma SenAn Econometric Analysis of Demand and Supply of Public Transportation in Shillong K. Bez12
1996Jaya G. ChoudhuryPollution Dispersion Matrix of Transport : A Case Study of Meghalaya K. Bez11
1996Gorkey BorgohainComparative Study in Agricultural Productivity : A Case Study with Special Reference to Nagaon District of Assam K. Bez10
1995Tarujyoti BuragohainAgricultural Development, Marketed Surplus and Prices of Foodgrains in Indian Economy T. Lawma &
Shri Prakash
1995ED ThomasRural Employment/Unemployment in Comprehensive Accounting Framework : A Case Study of Rural Areas of Meghalaya M. Lalwani8
1993Petunia KharwanlangOptimal Use of Transport Network with Special Reference to Shillong Urban Road TransportationK. Bez7
1992Gitashree DasStudy of Some Estimations in Double Samplings K. Bez6
1992Keya SenguptaDeterminants of Prices in India - A Case Study of Agro-linked Industries in India Shri Prakash5
1988Tlang LawmaMarket Imperfections and Manpower Planning - A Case Study of Methodological and Conceptual Problems with Special Reference to North East IndiaShri Prakash4
1987Donkupar RoyConfiguration of Poverty in the Border Area of Meghalaya - A Case Study of Shella S.N. Guhathakurta3
1986Veena GoelPrice and Output Movement of Agro-based Industries in India Shri Prakash2
1984MK Sukumaran NairAgrarian Relations and Transition in Meghalaya T. Mathew1



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