List of PhD Scholars Admitted

Name of the Scholar

Supervisor (s)

Year 2017
Mr. Christopher P.P. ShafudaProf. U.K. De
Ms. Indrani GogoiProf. P. Nayak
Mr. K. VanlalhruaitluangaDr. S. Umdor
Ms. Khoda OniyaProf. B. Panda
Year 2016
Ms. Anna L. HrahselDr. S. Umdor
Ms. Sushama DeDr. P.S. Suresh & Prof. U.K. De
Mr. W. KhardewsawDr. S. Umdor
Ms. Gitumani RajbangshiProf. U.K. De
Year 2014
Ms. Shedrina GraceDr. D. Nongkynrih
Ms. Kaveri KhoundProf. U.K. De
Mr. Nicodim BasumataryProf. B. Panda
Year 2013
Mr. Bantei LatamProf. U.K. De
Mr. Samir ul HassanProf. B. Mishra
Mr. Eladmilki SuitingDr. S. Umdor
Year 2012
Mr. Kelvin UchoiProf. B. Mishra
Mr. Ganesh Chandra SahaProf. B. Panda
Mr. Saji GeorgeDr. P.S. Suresh
Mr. Sino Olive ShoheProf. N. Srivastav
Mr. Sijousa BasumataryDr. D. Das
Ms. Deimonmi Tre RymbaiProf. P. Nayak
Ms. Dahun Shisha DkharProf. B. Mishra
Ms. Anika M.W.K. ShadapDr. V. Pala
Mr. Pyemo Nathan AlfegoDr. P.S. Suresh
Year 2011
Mr. Hamlet Born LyngdohProf. U.K. De
Ms. Fairy Thurstina Ch. MarakDr. S. Umdor
Mrs. Grace Dorsey PyrtuhDr. V. Pala
Mr. Gerald MarweinProf. U.K. De & Prof. S.K. Mishra
Ms. Annette Raphael LyngdohProf. B. Mishra & Dr. S. Umdor
Ms. Lasara M. LyngdohProf. S.K. Mishra & Dr. D. Nongkynrih
Mr. Joel BasumataryProf. N. Srivastav
Ms. Careful Merry JyrwaDr. P.S. Suresh
Mr. Manoj Kumar TalukdarProf. B. Mishra
Mr. K. Kamaljit SinghDr. D. Das & Prof. S.K. Mishra
Mrs. Alaka HujuriProf. P. Nayak & Prof. U.K. De
Year 2010
Ms. Pyallie D. SangmaDr. V. Pala
Mr. Deepak Kumar Dr. P.S. Suresh
Mr. Vinyuhu LhounguProf. B. Mishra
Mr. Juban NongbriProf. U.K. De
Ms. Anupama PaudelProf. N. Srivastav
Ms. Chhanda Saha RoyProf. E.D. Thomas
Mr. Anupama ThakuriaDr. P.S. Suresh
Ms. Vandana LimbuProf. P. Nayak
Ms. Charlene May SwerDr. S. Umdor
Mr. Bitkupar LaitflangDr. B.K. Dutta
Md. Hussain AhmedDr. B.K. Dutta



Journal of Alternative Economic Analysis

The Journal focuses on the research contributions to various upcoming approaches to analysis of the functioning of real-world economies in different countries. It welcomes original research articles/papers on agent-based computational, evolutionary, old (new) institutional, behavioral, ecological and environmental economics.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Department

The Department publishes a quarterly bulletin to publicize the research output of high quality emanating from the research work/activities of its faculty members and research scholars.
Current Research Work in the Department

A number of research topics, especially on the economy of the upland areas, are currently being investigated in the Department.
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