List of Registered PhD Scholars

Name of the ScholarSupervisorTopic of ResearchRegn. No. & Date
Bandakerlin LyngdohW. Tariang..........
Kenny Richie ShullaiB. Panda..........
Prayashi GoutamW. Tariang..........
Nilam AdhyapakD. Nonkynrih &
B. Panda
Badaiahunlang MawkhiewD.W. Thangkhiew..........
Bidyajyoti BoraU.K. De &
P.S. Suresh
Hangma BasumataryP. Nayak..........
Tennyson RynghangB. Mishra..........
Adrian Kitkupar LangstiehS. Umdor..........
Aibanskhem NongspungV. PalaPrivate Returns to Education and Labour Market Outcomes in India3087 of 13.02.2019
Ratna Kumari TamangU.K. DeModernisations of Farms and Its Impact on Productivity, Income and Employment in Assam3024 of 29.01.2018
Wandur Basan RynjahS. UmdorFunctioning of Periodic Markets in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya3027 of 23.01.2018
Priyanka MuchaharyP. NayakEconomic Growth and Human Development in India: A Study of Convergence and Divergence3026 of 08.01.2018
Pranati DasP. NayakUnpaid Domestic Work and Wellbeing of Women in Assam3025 of 20.12.2017
Keziah GangmeiV. PalaA Study of the Service Sector in the North Eastern Region of India2999 of 05.12.2017
Karma LhendupB. PandaTourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty: A Case Study of Bhutan3000 of 12.10.2017
Indrani GogoiP. NayakA Study on Women's Property Ownership, Empowerment and Marital Violence in Kamrup Metropolitan District of Assam2902 of 07.02.2017
Khoda OniyaB. PandaInstitutions and Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Papumpare District of Arunachal Pradesh2872 of 03.02.2017
K. VanlalhruaitluangaS. UmdorLocal Government and Fiscal Decentralization: A Study of Sub State Governments in North East India2871 of 07.02.2017
Christopher PP ShafudaU.K. DeChanges in Public Policy Instrument and Economic Development in Namibia: An Econometric Analysis2767 of 10.02.2017
Anna Lalruatfeli HrahselS. Umdor & B. PandaA Study of Industrialization in the North Eastern Region of India2656 of 21.01.2016
Kaveri KhoundU.K. DeEthnic Conflicts and Socio-Economic Development: A Case Study of Bodoland Territorial District of Assam2526 of 09.12.2015
Shedrina Grace HynniewtaD. Nongkynrih &
N. Srivastav
Employment and Unemployment among Educated Youth in Meghalaya with Special Reference to Shillong Town2528 of 09.02.2015
Sino Olive ShoheN. SrivastavEconomic Life of the Elderly in Rural Nagaland: A Case Study of Zunheboto District2171 of 06.02.2013
Annette R. LyngdohB. Mishra & S. UmdorBank Credit Penetration in Meghalaya: Trends, Distribution and Outcomes1996 of 04.11.2011
Anupam ThakuriaP.S. SureshPerformance Evaluation of Select Mutual Fund Schemes in India1819 of 09.09.2011



Journal of Alternative Economic Analysis

The Journal focuses on the research contributions to various upcoming approaches to analysis of the functioning of real-world economies in different countries. It welcomes original research articles/papers on agent-based computational, evolutionary, old (new) institutional, behavioral, ecological and environmental economics.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Department

The Department publishes a quarterly bulletin to publicize the research output of high quality emanating from the research work/activities of its faculty members and research scholars.
Current Research Work in the Department

A number of research topics, especially on the economy of the upland areas, are currently being investigated in the Department.
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