Thrust Area of the Department

The thrust area of research in the Department is the Economics of the North-Eastern Region (NER) encompassing institutional economics, industrial economics, agricultural economics, rural development, investigations into poverty & human development, etc., with a special reference to the Upland Areas. Some research work has also been done in the fields of econometrics, biologically inspired optimization methods, computer applications to economic analysis, etc. Research publications by the faculty members of the Department in these areas are a significant contribution to the literature in economics in general and the economics of the North-Eastern Region in particular. A number of PhD/MPhil dissertations, dealing with the economics of the NER, have been submitted. The Department has also successfully completed a number of Research Projects and several other projects are ongoing.



Journal of Alternative Economic Analysis

The Journal focuses on the research contributions to various upcoming approaches to analysis of the functioning of real-world economies in different countries. It welcomes research articles on agent-based computational, evolutionary, institutional, behavioral, ecological and environmental economics.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Department

The Department publishes a quarterly bulletin to publicize the research output of high quality emanating from the research work/activities of its faculty members and research scholars.
Current Research Work in the Department

A number of research topics are currently being investigated in the Department.
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